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Dapper Dabs: A Comprehensive Guide to Being a Concentrate Connoisseur.

Being a Colorado resident, I have the privilege to experience all the newest and greatest things to come out in the marijuana world. However, I realize that many of my readers live in places where they might not have access to such things. Today, I will be going over the various concentrates that exist.

Yabba dabbing do.

What is dabbing? Put simply, dabbing is the process of smoking a concentrate through an “oil rig”. It is called dabbing because you use a very small amount of your concentration of choice, and with a metal or glass tool, dab it onto an ultraheated unit. This can include skillets, or nails, and a dome or bell piece. I’ll go into further detail of these rigs later on.

A concentrate, in this specific application, is a concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol. This is what your glorious greens contain that gives you the lovely mellow you hold so dear. Dabs, or concetrates, are exactly that. A concentration of the THC.

How do we get the concentrate? Well, the actual process is a whole different article, but the basics are simple. You take whatever you have, trim stems whatever, and you extract the THC from it. Again, the process is not something I will be going over today. Be on the lookout for future articles regarding this topic.


There are so many kinds of concentrates. You’ll hear a plethora of terms, which will most likely just leave you confused. I’m here to clear up the hubbub that you have been exposed to, and unveil the simplicity of it all.




Keif: The collection of crystals on your bud. Also known as trichomes, this is the shiny dust you love to top your favorite bowl pack with, or sprinkle into a fat blunt. Many popular grinders have a “keif catcher” which collects the keif from when you grind up your greens. This is the most popular and common concentrate, and the one you are probably already familiar with.


Hash: There are many many many kinds of hash. Hash is usually the word that most confuses people. Full melt, whipped, bubble, ice. All of these are the same thing. It is a basic process of using water and agitation to pull out the trichomes from parts of the plant that are otherwise not utilized. It can range in color and quality, depending on the process used, and quality of the plant to start. Hash can look like damp keif, or a tootsie roll. It’s all the same, and it’s all wonderful.


Wax: Wax(including earwax) is simply the highest quality of hash. It is moist and crumbly, or thick and sticky. It various in texture and consistency, but is all the same product; potent concentrated THC.


Oil: Oil is made by using a solvent to extract the THC. There are various processes to do this, most of them are simple, but can lean on the risky side because of the chemicals needed to produce it. Oils are the purest form of THC, and are therefore the most potent concentrate that you can get.[/tab]

Budder Budder: This is just oil that has been whipped to give it a more manageable texture, and make it easier to use with dabbing rigs.


Shatter: You can always tell shatter by its texture. It breaks like thick sugar, a lollipop so to speak. It’s usually very transparent, and hard to the touch. This is my personal favorite concentrate.


Tincture: Tincture is a glycerin concentrate. It is made very similarly to how cannabutter is, however, it is tasteless and can be mixed into anything. I love to add tincture to my tea in the morning, ensuring that I have a mellow day. Tincture, in general, is ingested, rather than smoked.

Identify the different types(hover for answer)

So, pick your favorite! If you live in place with dispensaries, they will have different kinds and potencies, and will be more than willing to walk you through each kind. If you don’t, most of these are pretty easy to make, with some science and a little common sense. I will post in the future on how to make hash, at the very least.

Oil Rigs…..like….a boat?

No. Not at all. An oil rig is usually what you will hear people talking about using, to smoke concentrates. You might also hear things like nails, skillets, dabbers, domes, bells. All of these refer to attachments to a bong, or a separate unit entirely. The most common way to dab is using a nail and dome. Here are a couple examples of that.


The nails can be made of three different materials. Titanium, glass, and quartz.

Titanium: This is a very popular thing to make the dabbing nails out of. Being made of metal, it cannot break from extreme heat, and the concentrate will burn right off of it, leaving very little sticky residue. However, I have one main issue with titanium. Though almost everyone will tell you that even at the highest temperatures, titanium does not release any kind of toxic or carcinogenic fumes, I don’t believe this to be true. The temperature in which you must get your nail to vape the concentrate, it turns the titanium molten red. Being a silversmith myself, I know the dangers of inhaling metal fumes. It is just not a chance that I myself am willing to take, but feel free to be the judge and try it out for yourself. As I said, most resources assure you that it isn’t dangerous. I’m just a skeptical stoner.

Glass: The second best option. The cheapest. And a pretty clean option, if you ask me. Glass nails will cool quicker than titanium, so you will have to reheat it each time you dab. I don’t mind this, knowing that the glass is definitely safe. The one problem I do have with glass nails – they break. All the freaking time. If you’re heating it hot enough to get some proper dabs in, your glass nail probably won’t last you longer than a month or two. It will start with a small crack, especially if the temperature of the room is cold because of winter or air conditioning. Eventually that small crack will lead to a pop, and your nail is done for. I’ve also shattered a couple of domes from the shrapnel of the broken nail. Those are sad times.

Quartz: My favorite! If you have ten extra bucks, seriously, invest in a quartz nail. The natural stone retains the heat MUCH longer, than even titanium. It’s also very hard, and almost never cracks or breaks. I highly recommend using a quartz nail for all of your dabbing duties.

Skillet: This is not a nail. This is a titanium plate that is super heated and swung under a bell. While it provides much more surface area for your concentrate, and maintains heat quite well….it is still titanium. I’ll be honest, I’ve smoked some seriously sick skillets in my time. I just try to stay away from smoking out of metal, these days.

Domes and bells: These are the glass pieces that are places over your nail/skillet in order to direct the smoke into your bong or bowl. The dome, sometimes also called a globe, is a round clear “hat” that fits over your nail rig. It has a large hole on the side, or on the top, where you insert whatever instrument you have chosen to hold the concentrate. Bells are used mainly for skillets, and are just facing a different direction. They do not need a hole, as the skillet swings under them. Here is a picture of a nail and dome rig. And one of a skillet and bell set up.

Nab that dab!

Now you may be plucking your Bic off your Bowl Band and thinking you’re ready for some dabs, right? Super wrong! Dabbing requires intense heat, and the only kind of thing that can bring that heat? A blowtorch. That’s right. A bitchin’, fire spewing, blow torch. You can get anything from a kitchen torch used for crème brule, to a serious business torch that could melt things to other things. Just please, for the love of all that is good in the world, do NOT light you, your cat, your girlfriend, or your house on fire. I will not be held responsible for irresponsible actions! Here is a picture of a good size torch to use for your dabbing. Almost all torches take butane, something easily attained at your local smoke shop.

Dabs are taking over the nation, and quickly becoming a way of getting what I call “high school high”. Remember when you first started smoking weed? When you could hear your dry mouth, and lights were ALL too bright? When ramen omelets were invented, and cruise rides felt like you were in a dream? Yes, it’s possible to get like that again! Without smoking an entire ounce in a day! Concentrates are a wonderful way to conserve your weed, and get nice and toasty with just a couple rips. So now that you’re armed with some sweet knowledge, go forth, and dab!

A special thanks goes out to all the people who contributed photos to this article. Without your up close shots of concentrates and rigs, my dabbing data could be lost in the ether! All accounts are from Instagram, and you can find and follow these people there. Check out their feeds for some other awesome shots. (@h0ly_smokes, @austinpowers_,@nicoleriverox3, @dabstumblr, @oh_breanne, @lifeandchef, @lifluv, @420photography)

And don’t forget to follow me on also @sonoluminescence


-Mellow Dee, your local Cannaisseur.

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In order to obtain clues to solve the case, investigators of the 16 infant carefully investigated, excluding the time of the crime of four adult male and another male minor suspected of committing the crime is gradually increased. on March 21, police task force from the incident that day has been a women at home with children to get an important clue in the afternoon of March 14, at the same institution 13-year-old boy Baixu surreptitiously back to go from the house of the deceased’s home before abandoned a suspected equipped with heavy fertilizer pocket. At the same time, the police task force visited received the reaction of people in the afternoon of March 14, Baixu on several occasions to go out and Baixu I can not say that clear the day activities from 16:00 to 17:00. Accordingly, the ad hoc police lock Bai Xu a major crime suspects. On the evening of March 21, Bai Xu was summoned to the to Hengsheng police station and to accept the presence of a guardian to review. 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Guang’an City, At present, the suspect Bai Xu has not reached the age of criminal responsibility in custody education. truth 13-year-old boy be afraid to complain brutal murder of five-year-old girl original 3:00 pm on March 14, White Juan invitation of Baixu to a rotten house of the windmill to play , Baixu White Juan hold on the windmill go home and watch TV about 10 minutes later, Bai Xu worried about White Juan to get down to see hollister france, found White Juan in the rotten house door squatting playing. 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Last month at Summerslam, Cena had lost to CM Punk, who also had a claim to the WWE Championship. After the match, Money in the Bank winner Alberto Del Rio cashed in his contract after Punk was assaulted by Kevin Nash and won the Undisputed WWE Championship. On the August 22nd episode of Raw, Punk and Cena both faced each other on Monday Night Raw to see who would face Alberto Del Rio which Cena had won after some interference from Kevin Nash thus allowing Cena to get his rematch for the title. Another rivalry from Raw involves the former champion CM Punk and the Chief Operating Officer Triple H in a No Disqualification match.

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Make 2007 the year you are a shining light. 3. Find a model and a mentor for what you want. How does it feel to take the leap of faith? Article Author: Zoe_Routh I wont lie to you; it is scary. It brings up a lot of self-doubt and worry,hollister france. These are all old emotional patterns that are triggered when you get ready for a new phase of personal growth. I have seen it many times with my clients they sit on the edge of freedom and happiness, shackled by fear to their current reality because of the unknown. And then they just do it they take the leap of faith,louboutin pas cher, they take inspired action, and leave their current job, relationship, or home and take a plunge in to the unknown. They do not know how it will turn out; they only know that they are so committed to the outcome of happiness and joy and living an authentic life based on their values that they will take the risks. They take the risks because they know intuitively that when you make choices that feed your soul, things will fall in to place. How do you know when you are ready? If you are no longer comfortable or happy with the way things are. Your relationships may be dull or draining, your work might hectic and toxic, your finances may be in trouble. Youve put up with it for long enough, persevered through challenges that were at times better suited for the superhuman, but at the end of it all,abercrombie, you feel drained and uncomfortable. There is always something worrying you, always something niggling. You have been this way for so long, you hardly recognise the possibility of anything else. Yet a fire burns in you you know somehow there has to be something different out there for you. There is. 5. Savour the rewards. * and 一月 21, 2007 12:00 上午 2. Know what you really want and declare your true intention. As I undertook my own leap of faith, it has been a privilege to see so many of my clients do so as well: * Nancy quit her job and started up her own consulting firm and now loves the freedom and creativity it allows her; So how do you actually take the leap of faith? After cancer, I stood on the shores of a life I had known for 36 years one of striving, struggle, hard work, challenge, pressure, responsibility and looked across the river to the land of the Unknown, the Land of Promise. Over there I wanted to find peace, tranquillity, creativity, inspiration, joy, fun,abercrombie milano, and freedom. I had no idea what that would look like, or how I was going to make it happen. I had to trust that things would fall in to place when I made the choice to love my life enough to make a change. 4. Trust,louboutin. Cancer survivor Zoe Routh is the Head Coach at Inner Compass. Zo helps personal development enthusiasts create their own best life using the law of attraction. Zo is the author of ebook Absolute Productivity a handbook for your personal and professional life,air jordan femme. Sign up for Compass Bearings – a free on line magazine for personal development enthusiasts who want easy new success strategies using the law of attraction. Get more free tips at * Glen dropped some destructive friendships and embraced a whole new social life and with it a solid new self-confidence Ok this is the hardest part. How do you trust? People develop trust pretty quickly when results turn up immediately. What if there are no material indicators that you have made the right decision? It takes time. Just like you start a new diet or exercise plan, the results do not appear the instant you do your first workout or choose a healthy meal. Make consistent choices over time and yield results,louboutin. In the meantime you have to trust your choices are going to work. 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This is the most profound gift. You raise the standard of what you will accept in your life forevermore. Everything else that happens is really just a bonus. So I did it. I took a leap of faith in to the unknown by recommitting to my business,abercrombie soldes, Inner Compass. The decision was not easy. I was torn in two by the pragmatic versus the inspired. It is very hard to leave the security of a paycheck. Ultimately I knew that if I did not make the choice, the choice would be made for me my health would deteriorate. Cancer is a great red flag for me it waves any time I feel stress, worry, or struggle. Stress, struggle, and worry result immediately from ignoring my calling and my passion. I know in all the bones of my body that I need to write, learn, educate,air jordan, and inspire. There are no other options it is a need that my soul sings to me.

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Matron Wang Xin tertiary care unit was opened in August last year, some patients in the top three hospitals in the clinical treatment of the City, Green Medicine, can not afford to live in the hospital for a long time, can be transferred to their tertiary care unit. 26-year-old nurse Chu-Xia, the workload of twelve hours a day to make her a little powerless. “My grandparents have died when I did not adult, every time I see the old man passed away, I would like to lose their loved ones into a sad, so treat dying patients, just like with their loved ones.” To take care of The dying patient nurse seven,abercrombie, all 80, 90 after the young girl,hollister. Turning to the difficulties encountered in the work, Chu Xia told reporters: “Our job is to be worthy of their own conscience, to make dying patients receive the best care in the last time a day for old people to stand up, pull back, then suction tube for suction of the old people. Some people think the job is a little nausea, unbearable, I feel like I meet and fulfilling! “Chu Xia said, although the school nursing profession, but life care to tertiary care ward before they come into contact with. Such as the urine of the elderly, especially some of the old people, several days defecation time, so the taste is very bad smell, but it is their own work, you must bite the bullet now slowly accustomed to. Reporters on the scene, just an uncle urine, Chu Xia deftly replaced diapers to the elderly, and then covered with blankets. “I have not married, new to this job, I felt very embarrassed, and now has to adapt to.” Chu Xia said, as the only child at home, at home with household chores are not dry, nurses this career, what will do. 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Hook-shaped with two fingers to do, uncle to understand what it meant, this gesture is useful only in Guo uncle.” . Monthly income over two thousand Xianzang the tired very satisfied like Liu Wei and Chu-Xia accounts ward nurses, 12-hour day, the monthly income of more than two thousand,hollister. Compared to physical exertion and heavy work, the relatively meager income is still not reduced their work enthusiasm and sincerity to pay. For some elderly or critically ill patients, and perhaps come here is the last journey of their lives. Wang Xin said the matron, in November last year, the hospital to a more than 90-year-old Yang uncle, continuous stay in hospital two months later, early one morning, she got up and found some elderly die,mulberry outlet, Wang Xin quickly linked to the elderly the families of elderly family members came to the scene, 10:00, the old man died peacefully. The patient and make her feel correct heart is a young patient, her name is Chen, also 30 years old, because of advanced gastric cancer Traffic Hospital accomplishment, because the cancer has spread to the hospital less than two months die before death, the medical staff of the tertiary care unit, said: “Thanks to the nurses to take care of him like family,mulberry, I am very warm!” (reporters Modifying really) Related articles: the real of Tian Huang soft texture in order to be more like them. “However who lives in Quanzhou encountered an extremely disgusting thing

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He said in the long various media reports should focus on publicity Changchun fuss, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Party secretary of Changchun GAO Guang-Bin pointed out that in the long media should pay more attention to the overall situation, to pay more attention to the city, pay more attention to the masses, pay more attention to enterprises, pay more attention to grass-roots . Organized activities such a vision of the world, can inspire more and better ideas, and actively to the World Changchun, enhance the overall image of the city,louboutin. The positive attitude of the president and editor-in-chief of the newspaper decided the fate of the newspaper and chief editor Kou crown in the scene of the speech,louboutin pas cher, with an upsurge of Peng Pai, blood boiling, “to describe the mood of his in a successful challenge of the moment. 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Person’s life, you need to have a positive attitude towards life. “New culture” as a mainstream, responsible media should be in her city, and create a positive atmosphere,Cleaners sweeping the street with a rope to the youngest son, to re-determine the attitude of the people’s lives, decide the fate of attitude,hollister, attitude is everything, this time to challenge the Guinness Book world record of success, the Jilin Province, Changchun City, for each person makes sense. Third,Woman to conceive naturally given birth to triplets, the pro, the “new culture” Through this activity, the cohesion, charisma, harvest market influence, as well as inspection team of the newspaper,hollister, but also gain confidence, courage and power. March 12 for a “new culture” revision tenth anniversary, the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the arrival of the unusual, this form of celebration and observance, meaning, through such a time node to influence a city, to influence people. “We even Guinness Book of World Records dare to challenge, what is there to fear Confidence.” Chief editor of the newspaper Kou crown this sentence, win warm applause site. Field Highlights tablets paste painting gift the newspaper new record refresh the moment, Changchun public Beam Sister to her a few days to a greedy black get up early to do a paste painting sent. Paste drawing 1.2 meters long, 0.8 meters wide, read: Culture News challenge the success of the Guinness Book of Records. What is incredible is that this picture is to use different colored tablets stick into,hollister. Sister Liang LIANG Chunxiang, 47-year-old, an employee of the National Cheng Kung University, Jilin radius of Chain Drug Stores. On March 5,lunettes oakley, she and her colleagues delegation to participate in the challenge, I heard that 11 will create a record, it was decided to go back and do a painting dedicated to the newspaper. SUI Hong prize money should be donated to poor primary school yesterday’s award ceremony, many challenges are overjoyed. Players Sui Hung got Nightingale first prize,hollister outlet, she was very excited, “so many days of persistence and hard work has finally been recognized. Course, this is not my personal honor, but everyone’s honor.” She said she’d take this pen prize money donated to Shuangyang District of poor primary school. Embroidered banners to Hershey shaking at the scene yesterday morning to morning, several middle-aged woman pulling a banner, the banner with the words “a successful challenge, Changchun most cattle. The words on the banner embroidered with yellow wool, embroidered by the Cheng Yuandi, Chengmeng Hua Cheng Yunhua sister Sa. March 11 Chengmeng Hua, there is a special significance, because this day is her birthday. The “sing Changchun group reported

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  416. ‘s first decade, he was removed in a number of factory workers, repetitive and monotonous life. Until the day in 2003, he saw a fellow eat poultry meat with a little wine, “too generous.” Was when some Hunan in Shenzhen, burglary, theft rampant period, Aghion almost every day morning can see these fellow Lin Hui large bags stuffed with stolen computers, mobile phones and so on. Got to know some fellow boasted to him, “Sometimes a day at the Lo Wu got 100 to the Nokia mobile phone,abercrombie. Strong sense of justice coming in from the 25-year-old Aghion hearts. He then successively reported to the police Hunan crime clues. Aghion Hunan, Luohu District Public Security Bureau,louboutin pas cher, a leader who goes undercover. Although no experience, but Aghion want to try it, so I agreed. The police provided him Luohu Community Policing the police phone. Aghion around 2 pm every day to report the situation, and one-way communication. In 2004, the police contact with Aghion transferred to another police station, the Ahom the “on line” has become a Zhaoxing officers. Since then, Aghion full-time sneaked into criminal gangs. He told the Southern Rural News reporter, do “informant” to rely more on the individual’s qualifications and mind react very difficult for these trained. Just ‘posts’, the police are just simple to me about some common sense of self-protection. “Said Aghion, after years of” real “, he also worked out some experience,” For example,mulberry outlet, do not directly ask the time and place of each other of committing the crime, as it is easy to arouse suspicion. “he said,” I often ran from one area to another area, to show off with ‘peer’ who said,mulberry, I heard last night so and so did a single large a place to grab a lot of money, listening to each other often disdain, which is also called big Last night, I grab something more in certain places. “Aghion told the Southern Rural News reporter,” informer “self-protection awareness must be strong.” On one occasion, the police implementation of the arrest, the suspect is a shop playing mahjong, I pretended to watch in the next, so that the police I also taken to the police station together, so you can minimize suspect my suspicions. “Aghion life begins mysterious ranking,mulberry. Accompanied by his girlfriend left, brothers and heard his “misdeeds” gradually alienated, Aghion circle of life is getting smaller and smaller. Embarrassing reward is not enough to do a toll “I spent two to three years, to assist the police in several criminal gangs organized by the Hunan thoroughly eradicate.” Even if things have gone in 2078, Aghion about brilliant “record” can not conceal his pride and excitement. Aghion most impressed by a sting operation in 2004 to assist the police cracked burglaries. Police close the net in November of that year,air jordan, I was beaten ‘slip through the net’. “Aghion said,” Over the years, I assisted the size of the cracked cases more than 100 people offend, was beaten yes, was beaten badly when I pretended to be dead. “He lifted the pant leg, and pointing almost ankle tie said,” who’s hurt that I contribute to the best witness for the Shenzhen public security. “A Hung said that each time it is hit, he often only to the police and he just say “work encountered setbacks. Undercover to gather evidence of a crime, timely notify the police close the net, paid – this is the “informant” Aghion way to make money from the latter. “I assisted the cracked counterfeit case, once reward 3,000 yuan.” Aghion said,louboutin. But over time, Aghion think he get paid a little less, relative to the working risk,air jordan pas cher. Just do the informant did not and the police said remuneration and the treatment is purely voluntary, sometimes no money, but also to find them (the police) to take a little. “Aghion, April 2011, Aghion assistance Shenzhen Baoan Area police station cracked along with drug cases, the police seized 20 grams of heroin. Aghion followed by 2,000 yuan reward, but he was not happy. “I think this money even tolls are not enough, in order to obtain the trust of the suspect, I traded two goods (a cargo of 1 gram of drugs, worth about $ 400) are own money advanced.” Aghion that, in addition to normal reward, the police should also be to help solve the case arising from the need to spend reimbursement, “they have been saying did not grant down, and later still involved in crime detection surnamed Zhang police officers gave me 1,000 yuan.” demands would like to be in the public security to seek a post in November 2011, Aghion decided to give up the “informants” career, re-enter the factory workers, “many years ‘informants’, people tired,hogan, psychological pressure.” Aghion, 2007, he will no longer do full-time “informers”. In 2006, he told the police reflect the treatment of the Public Security Bureau of Shenzhen Luohu Branch of reply, said: “You assist the public security organs to solve the case work, the relevant police station to reward you many times, the amount of up to $ 1 million in your life difficult circumstances, two times to help you find a job; the event of intimidation threats, the police,air jordan pas cher, the public security organs in a timely manner in order to protect your legal rights. “Aghion think Police say a bit perfunctory. “I do ‘informer’ no contract and the public security organs, is entirely out of social responsibility.” Aghion said, “sometimes money to eat hit 110, or go to the Public Security Bureau to make a IOU I help the police break the matter Of course, they will not care about them, those IOUs naturally did not also. “” Later the police said to me, you occasionally come to the police station to eat there is no problem, but to eat every day is not the solution, or should we find a formal job. ” Aghion, 2007, his hometown of rural credit cooperatives by 9000 yuan is still not repaid, “I do not have any savings, do not be.” Aghion now live in Foxconn working life quite so much. He told the Southern Rural News reporter, if the police to solve his problems at work, such as the establishment of the public security organs of the staff to make them, he is willing to continue to do the “informer”. As early as in 2009, the public security departments on this reply, he said: “any person to enter the public security system shall be specified by the national program is open to candidates or recruiting exam. Aghion told the Southern Rural News reporter, he has done” informer ” when superior Zhao police officers he was very enough loyalty, “I do not have a place to live, Zhao police officers also offered to let me go to his house temporary accommodation.” in the eyes of Zhao officers, as an officer of the special situations, A Hung did the police do some things. “But then he always someone else looking for his revenge as an excuse to help him work,abercrombie, housing and other issues I joked that do not help you solve the problem of his wife, he said To.” Zhao police officers told the Southern Rural News reporters, “I feel that he is not normal, not very rational,mulberry outlet, he later provided some clues, but the value is not great.” Related articles: intended to pay 500 yuan two of the neighbors. At 10 we hurry to class

  417. Related articles: immediately set up emergency response teams after all and I say ‘s anus, and then desperately struggling in the body, suddenly left and right, a great fight to the death in momentum,air jordan pas cher. More shocking is that the tragic eel “into the body of the man, Lee (a pseudonym),louboutin, ashamed to seek help, he put a nothing like clutching his stomach Juezhaopigu the go to work, abdominal pain intestinal wear until half an hour later, before was found and sent to hospital emergency. After Caesarean section, take the eel, clean and repair intestinal surgery, Lee finally get rid of the eel nearly five hours of “intimate contact”. Anecdote: eel intestinal man wearing almost shock the day before 22:30, the reporter sped Fenggang Overseas Chinese Hospital operating room, Lee intestinal eel has been removed, but the the gut cleaning and repair surgery is still in progress . Reporter observed that piece of dead eel man “and weighs about half a catty, two fingers close together coarse, long arm, the medical staff on a stainless steel plate. “I’ve never seen this kind of thing, eel got into the body through the anus, and also to pierce the intestines!” A doctor whether to laugh or cry, Lee was taken to the operating room last night, because of severe pain and intestinal bleeding, almost shock,abercrombie france. X-ray diagram After the study, doctors found that in addition to surgery, no eel out of the way, so they do laparotomy Lee,louboutin pas cher. “Eel drill into his descending colon (part of the colon), and poke through a hole, stool and blood all over the place, the situation is quite critical.” The doctor said. Ray: eel into the body man is still at work last night waiting outside the operating room, Mr. Mao Lee, a worker, he is in the 18 o’clock rush from the factory over Chaperone. “I heard that factory wages afternoon,mulberry, Lee 17:00 limped into the plant, look odd, but did not say anything.” Mr,mulberry. Mao said, 17:30, Lee suddenly clutching his stomach squatting on the ground straight sore, plant manager rushed him to hospital for checks. To the hospital, Lee was hesitant the workers Mr. Mao speak the truth,mulberry outlet. Mr. Mao said, because Lee was face has changed in pain, he did not ask down. Then, after a series of checks,mulberry outlet, Lee often wheeled into the operating room surgery went. Claimed: bath mistakenly take the bucket on the day before 11 pm, Lee finally finished the operation,air jordan. His face was pale, dull eyes, connected to a catheter in his abdomen, a little bit out of the row of tainted blood. Lee said piece of eel bought two days, kept in the bathroom a bucket. 17:00 the day before yesterday, in the bath, he sat down on the drum surface. Unconsciously, full bucket of water, eels suddenly he slides, fierce drill toward the middle of his ass, he did not react, the eel has “got to go”, so with the beginning of this article dramatic scene . According to Mr. Mao said Lee, 30 years old, unmarried,mulberry outlet, celibate, a rent in the rental house. “He was very good, not withdrawn,abercrombie france, usually did not feel any abnormal behavior.” Related Links: strong ability to adapt to the eel eels live in tropical and warm temperate, based on a variety of small animals to eat the omnivorous fish to adapt to ability,hogan, can survive in the oxygen content in water is very poor. Water, keep the skin moist, within a few days and will not be killed.

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  419. Cost of Goods Sold Exhibits Sales Seminars Direct-mail expenses Postage Printing costs List rental Copy editor or graphic artist Sales Call expenses Gas Tolls Parking Telesales Phone expenses Display advertising Commissions IT expenses Training and certification Research and development Subscriptions Extra PCs Administrative expenses Payroll Subcontractors Telecommunications expenses – cell phone, business line Insurance Business, General Liability, Casual Travel and entertainment Office supplies Health insurance Car payments Bank fees Credit cards fees Professional fees accountant louboutin pas cher, lawyer The Bottom Line on Pro Forma Income Statements Estimating Pro Forma Income Statement Numbers Pro forma income statements are an excellent planning tool karen millen outlet. They are based on historical performance and best guess estimates of the future hollisterfrancemagasinstore.fr. The numbers on a pro forma income statement won’t be perfect but the exercise of analyzing all your sources of revenue and expenses is one that will assist your business planning process immensely. Pro forma income statements look at revenue and expense projections for future periods hollister france. Pro forma income statements are generated by looking at financial performance the year before, comparing it to the current year figures and using the changes to make projections into the future. How much service revenue do you anticipate generating? Revenue Total up your revenue – Subtract your expenses – You have a pro forma income statement hollister. Analyze your numbers against previous years data or assumptions about the future and create statements for 3 5 years into the future. Breaking your pro forma income statements down into quarters is a good idea hollister france. Obviously, the further out you go out the more subject it will be to change, but it&#8217 louboutin;s important to be thinking about the future and putting a plan down on paper. Are you going to be reselling products and if so, what do you anticipate your sales to be next year Cheap NFL Jerseys? Budgeted Expenses Will there be other potential revenue coming in i louboutin pas cher.e. acting as an agent and getting referral fees from ISPs or Web hosts. What does it cost you to purchase the items you are reselling abercrombie? Joshua Feinberg has helped thousands of computer consultants around the World get more steady, high-paying clients. Learn how you can too get more steady, high-paying clients. Sign-up now for Joshua’s free Computer Consultants Secrets audio training. 七月 19 abercrombie soldes, 2006 12:00 上午 Pro forma income statements can be made without past and current data as well. Figures are estimated for the first year and then assumptions are made about how those numbers will change in future periods. The most important thing with pro forma income statements is that you need to track changes from period to period and then apply those changes to the future. Copyright MMI-MMVI, Computer Consultants Secrets hollister. All Worldwide Rights Reserved. {Attention Publishers: Live hyperlink in author resource box required for copyright compliance} Related articles: suffering the 4S store to excuse for various reasons the six floor of the Grandma Wang also wrote a year &quot

  420. Segments and staves are used in woodworking to form circles, arches, cylinders and polygons. Once you decide on how many sides or segments your polygon will have, simply divide 360 degrees by the number of segments louboutin. Each segment and its radial lines form a triangle whose included angles total 180 degrees.Divide 360 degrees by the number of segments desired, to find the included angle of the radial lines hollister pas cher. Subtract this number from 180 degrees. Divide the result by two to find the miter angle to be cut on each end of a segment, or each side of a stave abercrombiepascherstore.fr. This holds true for any number of segments.Let us assume a pentagon, which, of course, has 5 sides. Divide 360 by 5, and you get 72 degrees hollister. This is the included angle of the radial lines, and since a triangle has 180 degrees, the angles at each end of the segment are half of the difference between 180 degrees and 72 degrees. (360/5=72. 180-72=108. 108/2= 54) The angle at each end of the segment is 54 degrees, which is the miter angle at which you will cut each segment.Table saw and miter saw angle scales are relative to the blade being perpendicular to the table or to the fence, so it is necessary to deduct the miter angle from 90 degrees in the above formula to arrive at the proper angle setting on the saw. Notice that in a 3 piece project, the miter angle is 30 degrees, where a table saw or a miter saw generally will not tilt past 45 degrees louboutin pas cher. It is necessary to set the blade at 30 degrees and place the board vertically against the fence. There are some inherent dangers in doing this, as the board must be supported by some supplemental means. First abercrombie paris, a tall fence is required to keep the board vertical. Second, a rail should be placed on top of the rip fence, and clamped to the work piece so the work piece is supported beyond the cut to prevent the work piece from dropping onto the trailing edge of the blade at the end of the cut.Alternatively, clamp two pieces together and readjust the rip fence accordingly louboutin pas cher.A power miter saw can be used to make cuts less than 45 degrees by securing an auxiliary fence 90 degrees to the saw fence, but I don’t advocate doing so unless the work piece is of sufficient length to provide adequate finger room for the operator. This is particularly useful when cutting complimentary angles such as for forming odd shapes in decking. Use an adjustable work stand to support the board when turned 90 degrees from the fence.Set the blade angle for the required angle, and cut one end with the board against the auxiliary fence and the other end with the board against the saw fence over the top of the auxiliary fence. Doing so in this order allows the length to be controlled against the saw fence. Make your auxiliary fence from scrap 3/4″ plywoo. and place a second piece of 3/4″ scrap on the other side of the blade to support the drop off.Source: Keywords: , hollister france, abercrombie france, , , louboutin, , , , abercrombie, , , , louboutin pas cher, , segment table, , Related articles: abercrombie GetMyArticles Free Web Site Articles and Content abercrombiepascherstore.fr Real Home Based Business Oppo abercrombie paris Advantages of Playing Online Games on Arti