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Vortex Blunts – Engineering the Perfect Blunt

In a market dominated by rows of little variance, Vortex breaks the mold with its sleek patented design.

Jarrad Fallon, the creator of Vortex Blunt, made it so anyone regardless of skill could produce a smoke-able blunt. Learning curve wise, most people roll the perfect blunt first try. We found the middle pole very handy in rolling, as it provides an anchor for the same motion as a hand rolling machine. So while using the pole as a pivot, getting the perfect pearl requires little clutch. The ideal amount of herb to be used is about a gram, but half that will still roll nicely.

Smell and flavor are an added touch to the blunts. Their taste comes second to Pineapple White Owls, but the smell will have you hooked.  This being said ,we would not recommend smoking with any other blunt wrap except Vortex Blunt wraps.

Everyday From 6/25 to 7/5 , as announced, the first 100 people to fill out this form will receive a sample pack of Vortex Blunts.

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Below is the current roster of Vortex Blunt flavors.






Also, be on the lookout for the new flavor “Blunt Culture Berry”

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  1. I want to try! Todays flavor is grape, mmmm!

  2. I want to try these so bad. I got took game but this makes the process easier. Can’t wait to try these! Strawberry all day

  3. I hope you guys ship to Canada! really hoping to try these

  4. hey guys these would be awesome for a new project i have coming up with weeded warrior, a not for profit veterans medicinal cannabis education organisation, alot vape but i thing smoke is a better medicator and would love to get them trying your wraps, which would lead to sales, also do you have a distributor in Australia??, please shoot me an email and i will give you details.
    mmmmm blueberry and grape hahaha

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