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BluntCulture The Story Behind the Movement

Developing The Collective

A year ago near the end of  the fall semester, Julian Gates came to us with with an ideal.  The ideal was a simple proposal to bring together supporters of the movement, by helping them reach their goals to reach ours.

From this, the Blunt Culture Representative Program was born; it became a conduit for success. Within the program we worked with a lot of talented and ambitious individuals. They brought each their own individual impact on the culture.

The Blunt Culture Representative Program helps us find each individual a place in the movement.

The Blunt Culture Representative Program helps us find each individual a place in the movement.

Branding the Movement

Around the time the program took off, we started developing with Dev Scott from Liftd Clothing. Since then he has helped out our branding , by creating the Blunt Culture logo & the t-shirt behind the movement. This tee later gave way to Loud Only Clothing.

The Movement

The Blunt Culture logo

The Vintage Tee

Formally named The Blunt Culture Tee, sales of the tee began in early spring. The Vintage Tee represents open acceptance towards legalization and makes a big statement outside of the legal states.

Our new variants now all glow in the dark

Our new variants now all glow in the dark

Initial Sales

With the wind at our feet, we started to sell the tees nationally through social media marketing and locally through the vision of Anthony Knox, Blunt Culture’s Event Manager. Gaining momentum, we had the revenue stream to start developing a clothing brand.

Loud Only Clothing began to bloom

Loud Only Clothing began to bloom

The Clothing Brand behind the Lifestyle

Loud Only Clothing started as a resolution to a question sparked by WillTheGlide a college Rapper and now one of the founders of the brand. What about supporters who can’t be so open about supporting legalization? So we developed the brand around subtle references only supporters of the movement would get. Thus Loud Only Clothing was born, bringing luxury living to a discrete lifestyle.

Loud Only Clothing

Spring Collaborations

With the robust support from our representative program and the creation of Loud Only Clothing, Blunt Culture headed into a promising season. We had begun collaborations with The Medtainer, Faded Clothing Co, Riccezza, Concealed Clothing, and Cosmic Direct.

Uniting the brands

 Live Castings

We established a team of film students to work with us & generated contacts from Chicago’s music venues to reach out to the rap industry. We aired two live episodes so far, An interview with Chicago’s First Lady Chella H and a live concert & interview with Dizzy Wright.

Dizzy did an immaculate performance.

Dizzy did an immaculate performance.

Check out his latest release

Trending Social Media

In the representative program we develop social media presence. We have had a prominent amount of social media campaigns this year. Our most notable ones coming from Cool Smoke Tricks, Liftd Clothing, Elements Papers, & Vortex Blunt(most recently).
We also led a campaign for the premiere of Weed Country.



Summer Break

Our representative program and social media networks have been on hiatus for the summer. Additionally we apologize to all those who were affected by back-orders from Loud Only Clothing this summer.

Upcoming this Fall.

An abundant amount of content will be released this fall. Starting with Goldies Giveaway, two freshly rolled weeks of giveaways sponsored by our friends at Shine PapersCosmic Direct, Loud Only ClothingLiftd Clothing Co, and Gold by Mufas. Be sure to keep updated by following us on Instagram & Twitter.

Winners picked everyday from 9/02/2013 - 9/16/2012

Winners picked from 9/02/2013 – 9/16/2012

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